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We Were Here
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We Were Here
The AIDS Years in San Francisco

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I watched this film as part of my Queer Theor(ies) course, and found it to be incredibly poignant. How wonderful is it that queer culture is celebrated, and not just demonized, when discussing the AIDS epidemic.

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This movie is wonderful. A must see -- SO moving, heartfelt -- maybe the most heartfelt movie about the HIV/AIDS years. Weissman is a master doc filmmaker.

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This film is a beautiful record of the LGBTQ+ population and their struggle with AIDS, and as a queer man myself I'm humbled and heartbroken that the previous generation suffered from such a wretched disease. It's inspiring though that the efforts and lives of these people helped work ...Read more

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I recently had a conversation with a young gay man from Cameroon, who recently received asylum here in the US. He told me that while still in Africa, he’d watched We Were Here more than a dozen times! When I asked him why, he told me that his first lover had committed suicide because he was ...Read more

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In honor of LGBT history month Kanopy is pleased to offer "We Were Here".
This film explores the personal and community issues raised by the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco by following 5 individuals who lived in San Francisco prior to the epidemic. From their different vantage points as ...Read more