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The Watermelon Woman
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The Watermelon Woman

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such a beautiful depiction of life as a black woman, a queer woman, and an artist. thank you, cheryl dunye, for providing the representation i didn't know i needed until i had it!

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Terribly under-appreciated film - the end made me teary. I can’t even begin to talk about all that I loved about it, but I’ll just say that it is so worth watching. Anyway, after giving it a screening, consider checking out YouTube video “The Watermelon Woman - Who Are We Forgetting?” by ...Read more

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Thanks for the suggestions, I have watched some Youtube videos by KyleKallgrenBHH before and there are very interesting, definitely worth checking after watching this film :)

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Really enjoyed this film. Potent, intelligent, distinct personality without calling attention to itself.

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Well worth a watch. I enjoyed the unexpected comedy in this film,
I lived Black Lesbian culture of the 1990's. This film is authentic to the time it is set in, and remains relevant to issues of today, 2019.

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Fuck yeah! <3 <3 <3

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When I first started in independent film distribution in the late 1990s, the Watermelon Woman was a perennial best-seller, being the only film of its kind, in more ways than one. In an era when Race and Lesbian relationships were uncommon subjects for fiction (the film was attacked by ...Read more

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Just heard about it from NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast. Looking forward to watching it!