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The Purity Myth
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The Purity Myth
The Virginity Movement’s War Against Women

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word :)

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Great documentary

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Amazing Documentary!

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This is what is wrong with Academia, you can preach cultural relativism yet go and attack a way of life. Typical brainwashing with Liberal connotations. Social Science has been hijacked by political views which has destroyed its credibility. Remember the C on CRAAP.

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It's unfair that non-white women are automatically not regarded as being virgins in white America. In other words, no one cares about the Black woman or Hispanic woman or Asian woman who gets raped or sexually assaulted. Ironically enough, there are white male racist sexist American sexpats ...Read more

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For years, the religious right has been working with conservative political leaders to try to roll back women's reproductive rights. Now, with the Republican Party poised to take control of the presidency and both houses of Congress, the long struggle for reproductive justice is about to face ...Read more

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This video really peels back the layers of what is wrong with the conservative movements and how women's rights are constantly being pushed back to the dark ages.

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