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Overcome Obstacles
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Overcome Obstacles
Demosthenes of Athens

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12 episodes in this series

Episode 1 Overcome Obstacles - Demosthenes of Athens
Here, Professor Hale outlines the goals of the course. Then, he introduces you to Demosthenes - the ancient Greek orator whose life and career illustrates how practice, hard work, memorization,…
Episode 2 Practice Your Delivery - Patrick Henry
Key to effective speaking is using your voice and body to reinforce your meaning. Using examples from Patrick Henry, Oliver Cromwell, Winston Churchill, and others, learn how the power of…
Episode 3 Be Yourself - Elizabeth I to Her Army
In order to make the deepest possible connection with your audience, it's essential to talk about yourself. This lecture provides you with advice on opening up to people about yourself…
Episode 4 Find Your Humorous Voice - Will Rogers
Learn how to use humorous techniques such as hyperbole, incongruity, and surprise - even when your speech is of the utmost seriousness. The secret of effective humor, as speeches by…
Episode 5 Make It a Story - Marie Curie on Discovery
Turn now to a series of lectures on composing effective speeches. Here, investigate the benefits of organizing information into a story to give your details weight and vividness. One powerful…
Episode 6 Use the Power of Three - Paul to His People
What is the power of three? And why is it so important to writing a great speech? Find out as Professor Hale unpacks the 13th chapter from Paul's first letter…
Episode 7 Build a Logical Case - Susan B. Anthony
Logic should always guide the sequence of your thoughts, whether you're giving a sermon, a corporate report, or a birthday toast. Discover how to avoid digressions, offensive statements, contrarian views,…
Episode 8 Paint Pictures in Words - Tecumseh on Unity
Narrow your focus to the individual words and phrases you use in your speech - each of which can make your topic unforgettable. With the help of Tecumseh, Homer, Aesop,…
Episode 9 Focus on Your Audience - Gandhi on Trial
Now that you've learned how to overcome obstacles and prepare, it's time to learn the essential elements of actually giving a speech. Here, Professor Hale uses famous historical figures, including…
Episode 10 Share a Vision - Martin Luther King's Dream
Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech is one of the most iconic speeches in modern history. More important: It's the perfect example of a speech with the…
Episode 11 Change Minds and Hearts - Mark Antony
Sometimes, you may find yourself speaking before an audience who needs to be persuaded about your point of view. Discover invaluable tips for swaying emotions and opinions by appealing to…
Episode 12 Call for Positive Action - Lincoln at Gettysburg
Finish the course with a look at what Professor Hale considers the greatest speech ever written: Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Two powerful lessons you can take away from Lincoln's words:…

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Comments (1)

Anonymous picture

Great intro to public speaking. Looking forward to watching the rest of the videos in this course.
I love the supplementary PDF that comes with each of these courses. It's extremely useful to have a text PDF of the top points of each course video.