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National Gallery
Behind the Scenes of a London Institution

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Comments (5)

Anonymous picture

I just want to echo the comments below, particularly those of Brandon and Carlos.

This documentary—in its length, its ill-considered narrative/editing, and its often baffling choice of footage—seems only to call into question the relevance of the western-canon art museum today. If ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Just serves to deepen questions about the existence, history, & purpose of museums in today's world (& not in a flattering way), which I suspect was not the original intention of the project. An own goal, if you will.

Anonymous picture

Far too long. The same talking points are repeated by museum staff constantly and certain scenes are interminable. In the last hour or so, all Wiseman does is string one gallery/painting discussion after another, with no attempt to shape or contrast the different talks. And far too much ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Beautifully shot but dramtically inert, at three hours it's too much. Wiseman hasn't shaped the footage into a compelling narrative to justify its lenght.

Anonymous picture

very interesting. made me look and understand important paintings a second time around!