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My Love, Don't Cross that River
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My Love, Don't Cross that River
An Elderly Couple Share their Final Moments

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

One of the most beautiful documentaries, showing true, everlasting love and commitment. I loved that it did not shy away from the "uglier" aspects of life either. I'm not one to cry easily, but wow, could not stop blubbering.

Huggie Bear avatar
Huggie Bear

You will ugly cry, I promise.

Anonymous picture

This was enjoyable, from watching this elderly couple love each other, dressing alike, and to play together was enlightening, all the way to the reality of their final days together. Makes one think about their own long-term marriages and how to make the most and the best knowing ...Read more

Anonymous picture

These lovebirds had compassion & enjoyed each other company for over 75 years.They had an unique loving relationship that we wish for. Bravo!! good movie

Anna avatar

Watching these lovebirds have fun after 76 years of marriage was quite powerful and beautiful to witness. You may be surprised with what you find after watching this documentary. It made me reflect on how important it is to share even the simplest moments with the people you love most, and ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Did not view this movie. Thanks for your feedback, was referring to another's posting.