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My King
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My King
Mon Roi

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Comments (12)

Anonymous picture

Very interesting film but the ending was a bit confusing and leaves you wanting more. Perhaps a different ending would be better starting from when she left the rehab center.....

Anonymous picture

A very good film. Uncomfortable but done so well and the acting was terrific.

Anonymous picture

Very good. The ending was inevitable but not satisfying.

Anonymous picture

Raw, compelling, impressive.

Anonymous picture

A difficult but compelling watch. Emanuelle Bercot gives an incredible performance of the unravelling and rebuilding of a woman in an abusive relationship.
I've been thinking about the label we give "narcissism" but that's also what we call someone that looks too long in the mirror... ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Out of control Cassel character was memorable but not his best work (like La Haine...), but still quite compelling. Love how generally good French films like this are about relationships, while the US is increasingly producing and consuming fantasy and technology driven film fare, often ...Read more

Anonymous picture

oh man what an incredible film. So hard to watch. Exhausting and beautiful.
Narcissism is so dangerous. Such incredible acting.

Anonymous picture

this is an incredibly beautiful film. emmanuelle bercot était supèr!

Anonymous picture

As real life as it gets. Vincent Cassel owns the role as the irresistible narcissist. Well done.

Anonymous picture

Beautifully written and acted, the script brings to life the roller coaster madness of love, lust, narcissism and needless sacrifice at the heart of a dysfunctional relationship. The dialogue is so realistic even in the small offhand moments that it felt like I was peeking into someone's ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Outstanding actors!

Anonymous picture

Excellent movie!