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Anonymous picture

Stellar directing, acting, and set design. The introductory scene (the beach scene) could have been omitted, along with any mention of Mr. Ducie. The pacing was fine--better than the pacing in *A Room with a View*, another slow-moving James Ivory film--but the idyllic ambiance throughout ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Disturbing and filled with marvelous art direction and history. I have always liked the production qualities of his films, but this one has a certain sobering honesty to it. For in spite of the happy ending, the film quite vividly portrays what had happened to homosexuals back in early 20th ...Read more

Nora avatar

This film was released in 1987, remember that was 32 yrs ago. Also historically covers after WW1, starting 1919 when the main characters were pre-puberty till their adulthood; pre WW2. James Ivory is an iconic film maker. Check his credits. It portrayed the current attitudes in England ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Very nice movie, but I wish there was a lot more affection between Maurice and Clive.

Anonymous picture

I imagine Maurice wished the same thing, but Clive didn't have it to give, did he? Or he was too much of a coward - take your pick.

Anonymous picture

What more might have EM Forester been and written had he not lived when he did?

Anonymous picture

I usually watch with captions - marked as 'in foreign language' when speaking in Latin. Dear oh dear.

Anonymous picture

The usual Merchant-Ivory opulent settings, and interesting period and social norms as a background for this story.

Anonymous picture

While the time period was interesting the film lacked content and was very boring. The only parts I liked were the first 30 minutes and the rest felt like a complete waste. Definitely not a recommended film for LBGT content with so many superior titles out there.