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Marriage Italian Style
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Marriage Italian Style
Matrimonio all'italiana

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Comments (9)

Anonymous picture

I have to go with T's comment - this movie mostly made me feel sad.

Anonymous picture

Whoever called this the funniest comedy has either never seen a comedy film, or never seen this film. A sad, troubling movie about sexism.

Anonymous picture

Great! Sophia and Marcello were great, but the supporting cast was truly wonderful, too. So much happens in the movie, yet it does not feel long at all.

Anonymous picture

No wonder it's a classic!

Anonymous picture

Damn, Loren knocked it out of the park. Brava!

Anonymous picture

Not just a comedy. A woman's struggle to maintain her dignity would be a better description so it's a feminist manifesto and a wonderful film. Loren is simply magnificent as are the script and De Sica's direction. Vedi in questo film la sua umanità, per favore.

Anonymous picture

really enjoyed this movie.

Anonymous picture

A marvelous movie, starring two of the best actors-actresses ever!

Anonymous picture

They're all crazy.