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Patti Smith, in her book [Just Kids], writes about being entralled (and somewhat dependent) on Mapplethorpe in their salad days in the East Village in NYC all those decades ago. But she also has a gelid eye when it comes to assessing his ambition and what he would do to achieve it.
I, ...Read more

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shit sandwich

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I can't agree with the sympathy some people feel is in order for the life Mapplethorpe led. He used people--did he pay his models in cash or coke or just give them the honor of sleeping and associating with him? Some of the photos are art, some are obscene which is not lessened by the use ...Read more

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Not a great film but I watch anything that has Mapplethorpe's name attached to it.

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enjoyed Smith's Just Kids more tbh

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great dp
must see

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Though an artfully faithful chronicle, the slack direction relegates this worthy bio-pic to being a mediocre treatment of a fascinating subject.