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Latinos are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population, and among the most diverse -- accounting for one-sixth of all Americans and tracing their origins to more than 20 countries. They are also a rising force in American politics. Yet across the American media landscape, from the broadcast airwaves to cable television and Hollywood film, the reality and richness of the Latino experience are virtually nowhere to be found. In Latinos Beyond Reel, filmmakers Miguel Picker and Chyng Sun examine how US news and entertainment media portray -- and do not portray -- Latinos. Drawing on the insights of Latino scholars, journalists, community leaders, actors, directors, and producers, they uncover a pattern of gross misrepresentation and gross under-representation -- a world in which Latinos tend to appear, if at all, as gangsters and Mexican bandits, harlots and prostitutes, drug dealers and welfare-leeching illegals.

The film challenges viewers to think critically about the wide-ranging effects of these media stereotypes, and to envision alternative representations and models of production more capable of capturing the humanity and diversity of real Latinos. Features commentary from Charles Berg, Otto Santa Ana, Angharad Valdivia, Federico Subervi, Mari Castaneda, Chon Noriega, Isabel Molina, Alex Nogales, Juan Gonzalez, Moctesuma Esparza, Josefina Lopez, Alex Rivera, Luis Ramos, Lisa Vidal, and others.

Praise for the Film

"Reveals a relentless, stereotypical, and narrow vision of Latinidad produced by the culture industries." Esteban del Rio Associate Professor, Communication Studies, University of San Diego "This film grabs you from the beginning. It speaks truth to power by asking and answering difficult questions, and leaves you informed, inspired, and conscious about issues related to history, Hollywood, privilege, power, and more!

This film makes you want to take action immediately." Eddie Moore, Jr., Ph.D. Founder/Program Director, The White Privilege Conference "Effectively explains how a century of U.S. media has shaped perceptions and misperceptions of Latinos, and in turn influenced policies that have affected their lives." Andrea Quijada Executive Director, Media Literacy Project

Produced & Directed by Miguel Picker and Chyng Sun

Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

I'm surprise Kanopy doesn't have the documentary titled, THE BRONZE SCREEN, which includes interviews, history, reels, and more about the history of Latinos in Hollywood.

Anonymous picture

i'm really excited a documentary is out at addresses this issue. wow really informative. i'm of Puerto Rican and Mexican decent and the things they were doing to Latin Americans was stomach sicking. its nice to know where i stand in this nation.

Jelliam avatar

Finally! A documentary that covers this issue! As a puerto rican woman I've been waiting for something like this since I was a kid.

Anonymous picture

Showed this to students in my Ethnic Studies class and they really like it.

Anonymous picture

Hope more documentaries like this will be produced. It helps people to understand the media stereotype from different angles. Love the personal stories in this movie, even they are heartbroken to me.

Anonymous picture

Can NOT believe that radio DJ's vacuum comment about judge Sotomayor. Definitely the most racist thing I've heard in a while.

Anonymous picture

So glad I watched this-a perfect example of how American media can gravely damage other culture's reputations.

Anonymous picture

So true!