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The Last Supper
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The Last Supper
Das letzte Mahl

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This was good. It's a dinner party movie, so don't expect some nazi-killing action. It's just a Jewish family on the eve of Hitler's rise to power and how they all have different perspectives on how bad things are really going to get, and how it's really bumming out the family patriarch. ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This is basically a filmed stage play. Its cinematic elements consist of a couple of old newsreel clips and a single street shot at the end. It is endless talk, talk, talk, usually either preachy or melodramatic--or both. For me, it was a slog from beginning to end. (And yes, the subtitles ...Read more

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Thanks for your comment! We are happy to let you know that this film has been reuploaded with larger subtitles.