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Journey's End
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Journey's End

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Comments (13)

Anonymous picture

Absolutely outstanding !

Anonymous picture

Excellent film!

Anonymous picture

One of the more accurate depictions of war, I think-- especially that of shell shock and ptsd. Incredible performances.

john avatar

Painful to watch. And their story has to be told. Such madness.

Anonymous picture

Well done, gritty with great performances! Fascinating that this play has been made into film(s) FIVE times! James Whale (of Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein fame) directed the original hit stage play & then made the early talkie version in 1930.

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kay louise

so realistic-the mud, the terror-the camaraderie..Cheerio!to let's have a cuppa-from a tin cup.bringing live chooks in with the rations...utterly gripping...

Anonymous picture

Excellent. Great acting by all. Very intense, but also utterly believable. Amazing portrayal of what World War I was like from the soldiers' perspective and what war is like to the people in combat.

Anonymous picture

quite well done and believable; good acting.

Anonymous picture

Manages to avoid clichés of this genre, and portrays events with dignity and pathos uncommon in war films. Excellent in all respects.

Anonymous picture

Was it action packed...

Anonymous picture

A very intense movie. Felt like i was in the trenches myself.

Anonymous picture

W.W. I as lived by soldiers on the line. Well worth watching.