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Hooligan Sparrow
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Hooligan Sparrow
A Champion for Girls' and Women's Rights in China

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Comments (5)

Anonymous picture

In Ye Haiyan I have a new role model, one who risked all to challenge injustice. I remember, honor, and value, as well, Hooligan Sparrow's brave colleagues, some of whom might yet be behind bars simply for standing on the right side of justice and fairness. I cannot even truly imagine such ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Very powerful documentary.

Anonymous picture

I admire these brave young women! I'm so proud you!

Anna avatar

It is no wonder director Nanfu Wang is making headlines with her unapologetic and courageous work. Ye Haiyan is one activist you won't ever forget.

Anonymous picture

A very gripping documentary which required as much fearlessness on the filmmaker's behalf as the brave subject of the film - Hooligan Sparrow. Be prepared to feel scared, angry and at times very small compared to these incredible people who put their lives on the line for justice.