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The Timeless Legacy of Alfred Hitchcock

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Anonymous picture

There's worse ways to spend 80min. of your life than pressing play on this video. There's tons to learn here if you're uninitiated to two of cinema's masters, learning of their innovations as well as touches of how artists come to admire one another. And getting insight from modern directors ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Excellent! It is wonderful and fascinating to hear so many directors dissecting and interpreting Hitchcock's great films. The conversation between Hitchcock and Truffaut is also poignant.

Anonymous picture

My favorite Hitchcock film is frenzy, don,t know why.

Anonymous picture

Fabulous! A must-see for those who love filmmaking especially if you are a Hitchcock and Truffaut fan. Great directors talking about the most brilliant artists. The book is fantastic but it was interesting to hear what other directors had to say and to listen to both Hitchcock and Truffaut's ...Read more

e avatar

Fantastic film, especially if you are a Hitchcock fan. I may even watch this twice.

Russell avatar

I think ol' Hitch's name gets thrown around quite a lot these days without much of a sense of what he did or how he did it. In fact, I believe it was international sensation Pitbull who famously refers to a certain ALBERT Hitchcock in his smash hit I Know You Want Me. Pit's heart was in it ...Read more