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The Weapons of World War I
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The Weapons of World War I

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From the Invention of Gun Powder to the American Rifle
From the simple stone axe to firearms that helped concur the land that would become the
From the Flintlock to the Percussion Cap
From the stock piles of firearms used in the U.S. Colonies fight for independence, to the
The Weapons of the Civil War
From the North to the South the firearms that won the Civil War.
Post Civil War Weapons and the Winning of the West
From the Post-Civil War military to the wild frontier, the demand for firearms was growing. The need for inexpensive and quickly produced firearms sparked invention and continued the evolution of…
The Weapons of World War I
The machine gun changed the warfront and defined and dominated the WWI experience.
The Weapons of World War II
The need to keep up with modern warfare sparked invention and economic growth.
Post World War II to Today, From the M-14 to the M4 Carbine
The field of battle was growing smaller and the invention of a light weight and short range firearms were necessary for combat.