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Green Design
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Green Design
Part of the Series: Green Careers Series

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Some of the biggest opportunities for energy improvements occur in the building trades. This program presents an overview of job opportunities in this booming industry where there is a high…
Green Design
In this program, we'll explore the exciting race underway to design greener products of all sorts. You can work toward a green career as an architect, interior designer, industrial engineer,…
Clean Energy - Wind Power
From the Great Plains to the ocean shore and out at sea, the race is on to make the United States the world's number one producer of wind power. We…
Water Management
As water becomes more and more scarce, the challenge is to boost water productivity and efficiency while protecting the natural environment. This program presents an overview of job opportunities in…
Clean Energy - Solar Power
In this program, we'll view the entire range of jobs needed to make solar power a reality from research and development, design and marketing, and financial analysis to construction and…
Clean Energy - Geothermal Power
We visit the largest geothermal operation in the world to see how heat from the earth's core is transformed into electricity. We meet a chemist, geologist, plant operator, environmental manager…
Environmental Justice
In this program, we'll examine how staffers at nonprofit agencies work with lawyers, lobbyists and other concerned citizens to advocate for environmental protection and strategies for sustainable growth. Jobs profiled…
The recycling industry is still in its infancy but is growing fast with everything we buy, consume, and then throw away. This program introduces job opportunities in recycling including a…