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God's Own Country
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God's Own Country

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the hands...

Anonymous picture

Just what the world needs....another gay orientation film.

Anonymous picture

More films like this would be wonderful.

Anonymous picture

I have seen this film about a half a dozen times. It is honest and flawless. The acting is spot on and the story never gets old. I highly recommend God's Own Country.

Anonymous picture

Excellent movie. Great actors. Everything sounds so true.

Anonymous picture

Great movie that feels natural & real. I loved Gheorghiu who was such a good person and wished Johnny could have been less of a dick but he slightly redeemed himself in the end.

Keala avatar

This was just so well done. It really should be separated from the gay film thread cause the storyline and handling of the characters really puts this in a well done indie film or drama. One of the best things I've watched on Kanopy in the last year for sure.

Anonymous picture

The best movie. I have seen it multiple times and never get tired of it.

Nora avatar

Very well done, shall be looking forward to any other Frances Lee films. The theme was handled realistically without exploiting the coming out of two lonely individuals in a rustic environment. The first kiss scene was handled with gentleness, the characters were believable in their ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Love this movie. Seen it twice so far. Can't wait to see it again this time with subtitles. It's Yorkshire you know. Don't know what these people are saying. More wonderful even that Call Me By Your Name.

Anonymous picture

breathtakingly beautiful film.

Anonymous picture

Absolutely beautiful movie. One of my favorites. This is my third time watching and I always tear up at the end.

Anonymous picture

Very thought-provoking. I highly recommend this film for anyone who is interested in character studies and watching people evolve into who they are going to become.

Anonymous picture

Please don't compare this to Brokeback. They take place at very different times in history for gay men. Both well-done and moving films.

Anonymous picture

My third time watching this film from beginning to end each time

Angel avatar

Great characters, great plot, lovely story and photography, superb editing and lighting.... very engaging.

Anonymous picture

Brilliant! There aren't many movie I watch twice but this will be one of them.

Anonymous picture

A wonderful, well-acted and well-filmed movie although there are many questions left unanswered. Because of the country setting, I suppose the comparisons to Brokeback will be inevitable but BBM had layers upon layers of mythological references this movie doesn't have so it's unfair to ...Read more

Beth avatar

Wonderful and somewhat poignant coming of age story. Well-acted, tho I just didn't feel the chemistry between the two men.

James avatar

The two men weren't brought up to reveal their emotions too openly so I think the reticence was appropriate. I never heard the word "love" mentioned once. The closest approach was when John found Gheorghiu at the truck farm and he did explicitly say he needed to be with Gheorghiu.

Anonymous picture

Wow, what an amazing movie. I wish I had the words to describe the specific melancholy yet heartfelt warmth this movie gives. Very glad I decided to watch it.

Anonymous picture

An excellent movie really enjoyed it!

Anonymous picture

Excellent movie. I enjoyed it a lot.

Anonymous picture

God love Gemma Jones.

Anonymous picture

This is one of the best movies I've seen in years. I suppose comparisons to Brokeback Mountain are inevitable, but I think this movie is much better made.

The storytelling is highly visual, multilayered, and perfectly timed. The characters all affect each other in interesting ways, ...Read more

Daniel avatar

I agree completely with every word. Brokeback Mountain should have been this movie.

James avatar

The short story BBM SHOULD have been this film, God's Own Country. BBM as a movie was ruined, I think, by having way too much kow-towing to straight sensibilities.

Anonymous picture

I'm excited to see what Francis Lee does next. I think this is his first feature, and he's already outdone Ang Lee.

Anonymous picture

A wonderful love story that is acted so well that you feel like the actors are really in love with each other. Raw emotions and intimate moments paired with long camera shots that doesn't rush the audience, but rather gives you a chance to sit with the deep feelings playing out in front of ...Read more

Julian Kirk avatar
Julian Kirk

Wow...a warm and touching story, love always wins.

Anonymous picture

Subtle writing, lovely story that unwinds and surprises, wonderful acting. A director to watch!

Anonymous picture

Very touching; very moving.