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The Girls in the Band
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The Girls in the Band
Female Jazz Musicians

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Comments (7)

Melissa Adylia avatar
Melissa Adylia

Excellent! So much history that I was totally unaware of. And wow, how wonderfully this was presented. I've not been so entertained by a documentary that was so full of so many aspects of our history...race, gender, politics. war, segregation... Well done!

Anonymous picture

Excellent documentary about the women that laydown the path for female musicians all over and the struggle some still face today.

Anonymous picture

thank you for telling some of our HER story.. wow.. beautiful

Anonymous picture

Fantastic documentary. Very well made and very inspiring.

Anonymous picture


Anonymous picture

A must-see swingin' piece of feminine musical history !
These are some incredible, strong, beautiful fun women.

Anonymous picture

Wow, excellent watch and wonderful subject matter! I can't believe I knew nothing about this rich history after years as a (girl) trombone player. Definitely an important piece of jazz history that deserves the attention!