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Fire and Ice
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Fire and Ice

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Comments (9)

Anonymous picture

Teegra's butt is the star of this movie.

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tximista :

Ah, the taste of glorious 80s fantasy cheese.
Also really the only time Bakshi really nailed rotoscoping. Having Frank Frazetta himself as a contributor helps.
Let's all take a moment to appreciate both that and the fact that male/female fanservice is pretty much equally doled out ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This was like an animated Game of Thrones. Good storyline, lots of semi nudity. Win win.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

I wachted in and I drank the whole time. Sometimes it's not a fri*cking problem

Anonymous picture

Some great moments of capturing human emotions, especially in the pursuit scenes. Wonderful colour palette.

Adriaan avatar

Will the world see another artwork of such enduring allure. What would it take to make this same movie in this day in age?

Lauren avatar

Beautiful rotoscope animation and a simple yet compelling fantasy story. Susan Tyrell kills it (as she always does) as the voice of villainous Juliana. Good for Game of Thrones withdrawal.