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The End of Poverty?
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The End of Poverty?
An Exploration of World Poverty

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The central argument of each video
Your assessment of each video's evidence: the kind of evidence and the quality of the evidence used to support the main argument. Is there any evidence? How valid is that evidence?
Your assessment of the logic of each video. Use terms for any ...Read more

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Re: "Poor people having less children" & "Africans... do[ing] something about it" Did you even watch ten minutes of this film? This whole documentary is about how white, rich, Christian European Capitalists ruined the world for literally everyone else. If you can't read a book at least ...Read more

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We also need to teach poor people to have less children.

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I hope many African' s actually watched this video and start doing something about it. We have to stand up for our own. Forgiveness and growth should be out motto

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Anyone want to write a paper for me?

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Those European scums. Slavery and oppression have been around for centuries, long before America was even discovered, but it's mostly the rich and high mighty people, that take away other civilizations for there own selfish needs.

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VERY VERY SAD SITUATION. The movie was okay but I basically did not learn anything new since I am an avid researcher. The only thing I can say is that I believe in God and we must cling to what scripture has to say about success if we desire it on an individual basis. Then we are in position ...Read more

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What an important documentary!

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Raises many important questions about the nature of development and its historic origins... Highlights political and economic objectives that reinforce forms of exploitation and profit maximisation; but undermine the capabilities of those in the South and their control over resources and ...Read more

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This video is super helpful and humbling. It's a harsh reality check of the costs of the comforts we enjoy in The West. Our comfort is at the price of other's discomfort. This film is tastefully done from a diverse range of global voices, rather than just upper white middle class folks. It ...Read more

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The form of the documentary was of particular importance to me, not as much as the content of course, but we were going with a mission to change people's perception of the true causes of poverty. It was essential nevertheless because I saw too many documentaries ruined by their lack of form ...Read more

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I totally agree with the consumerism explosion. I am not sure if six planets will be enough because the food I see "Northerner" (this term does not only stand for the people in the North it also represents people in poor countries who are above middle class" consume and the way I see them ...Read more