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The Empathy Gap
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The Empathy Gap
Masculinity and the Courage to Change

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

Men are the enemy of men, not women. Toxic masculinity (and toxic femininity) is killing men and making men kill women at astronomical rates. How much longer will we accept this behaviour? I wish for all men the healing that comes from learning how to feel and connect with themselves and with ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Some very interesting sentiments about feminism. I like that it addresses heavily how masculinity is tied to feminism and why it is in fact something that is positive for men - not just women!

Anonymous picture

Great message! All men should feel bad about being men!

Anonymous picture

Agreed. I had no idea what a monster I am until I watched this.

Anonymous picture

Yes, because trolls on the internet don't go out of their way to avoid what makes them uncomfortable. How else could one maintain hard to justify sentiments, than by doing things, like reading books, research or watching docs that challenge their beliefs. Trolls rarely have a nagging sense of ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Good message, though focusing on the editing of the film detracted from my overall positive opinion. I'm happy to be a feminist and a man who is changing the perspective from hyper-masculine to wholesome.