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Embrace Of The Serpent
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Embrace Of The Serpent
El abrazo de la serpiente

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Comments (8)

harrison avatar

Unique and intoxicating, an art movie that grips like a thriller

Anonymous picture

Oh god, the ending is so emotional and beautiful. Will be thinking about this film for a long time.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

Black and white,. I've seen a lot of black and white films. BUT why is this one not as poetic as the others (in the cinematography) When I was younger there was a LOT of black and white movies on TV. BUT, I remember my school teachers were always yelling at us not to watch them, instead we ...Read more

Anonymous picture


Anonymous picture

A gift to the Earth. Thank you.

Anonymous picture

This movie is very well-crafted. Mise en scène is excellent and the writing is great. There's a lot going on in this film; I'll likely watch it again.

Anonymous picture

perfect movie to me, theres enough here to watch it 50 times and still see something new.

Mark M. avatar
Mark M.

You're right. I have seen this about 25-30 times in total..I also watched Apocalypse Now and 2001: a space odessey in between and saw similar elements ( the river journey upstream and the journey through infinity) which actually reignited my passion to see it again.