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Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

This is one of the dullest suspense movies I've ever seen. The first half moves slowly and doesn't have an apparent plot; the second half is better, but John's sudden inability to speak Italian when he's looking for his wife seems contrived.

Anonymous picture

Why watch a movie to the end if it's so bad! Reviews should be specific not general

Anonymous picture

Am intrigued by all the off-axis/kilter angles: resonates with Venice setting to create the effect of bobbing, tilting, sinking, drowning. Like uncertainty and grief?

Anonymous picture

The best sex scene in the history of the cinema? Also of note, phenomenal editing and a crackerjack of a performance from Donald Sutherland. If you'r not engaged in the final 5 minutes maybe movies aren't for you.

Anonymous picture


Cecilia avatar

I watched this movie more than 20 years ago, and it made a strong impression on me. On my second viewing now, I enjoyed even more; it's intriguing, haunting and visually stunning.

Anonymous picture

A very powerful film about grief. Takes its time but really packs a punch. Sutherland & Christie give superb performances.

Lauren avatar

While I didn't find this movie scary in the traditional sense, it was very eerie, stylish and strange. Donald Sutherland is fantastic as always and 1970's Italy is gorgeous. A unique and fascinating gem of a film.