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The Disaster Artist
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The Disaster Artist

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Entertaining. James Franco brings some laughs. His brother on the other hand is not a very good actor; he relies on the same gesture every scene.

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It's OK. Sort of funny, sort of affecting, sort of dull. Definitely for people who saw "The Room" or clips of it and know the gag references. I bet they had fun on the set.

Brandon  avatar

So bad, it's bad

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It's comedic, yes; but it's also inspirational. But maybe you have to identify with the star, to be inspired by him.

Robert avatar

This is OK but The Room is better by far. Why? What makes The Room subversively great is it looks, for the most part, like a "real" Hollywood film but it is completely naive. By missing the mark (oh, hi...) it unintentionally reveals the slick manipulations of the industry. Better crafted ...Read more

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I fail to see how they missed the mark with "oh, hi . . ."

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hi My names Celeste

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A movie about how the worst film ever made can become a cult well as a story of an unlikely friendship that overcomes pretty large obstacles including the prospect of personal failure. I hear the other comments below but I think the powerful performances and they way the film ...Read more

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So, in America bad movies get made with huge budgets (at least by indie film-maker standards) and then more bad movies get made about bad movies with probably even bigger budgets. Meanwhile, SERIOUS artists with really interesting things to say labor in obscurity and get zero budget for their ...Read more

Rene avatar

A bad movie about a bad movie. When will people tire of it?

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As a fan of "The Room," I loved Sestero's memoir and looked forward to the film adaptation. Unfortunately, "The Disaster Artist" is nowhere near as fun or compelling as "The Room" itself. Maybe it's just because I'm immune to the Franco brothers' charms, but the whole thing feels like an SNL ...Read more

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The film is primarily a vehicle for Franco to act out his party-trick imitation of Tommy Wiseau, but it does occasionally hint at him being a darker figure as Greg Sestero does in his memoir.

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What? Why? Ok?!?!

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

I'm just going to say it. I didn't fr*cking appreciate this movie. NOt liek other people. MORE,

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OK. So now I HAVE to see the real movie. This has to be the most expensive trailer ever made. YOU'RE TEARING ME APART...(oh, hi Mark!)

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Great film. I am so intrigued with Tommy and so curious about his past. Someone should go to Poland and investigate.

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I did not happen to know the story or The Room. I didn't even know it was based on a true story when I watched. Of course, it comes clear. Enjoyed, Life is not always a meritocracy just sayin. It is about toxic masculinity as previous. poster says, but oddly liberating.

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A brilliant examination of toxic masculinity.

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Wow that movie was not good. I kind of think they just made this because they knew they could capitalize on an infamous/popular movie. We don't really learn anything new about Tommy. This movie could be about any failed actor turned filmmaker.