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Copyright Criminals
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Copyright Criminals
Musical Sampling and Copyright Law

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Anonymous picture

Cool documentary. RIP Eyedea. The Led Zeppelin segment was particularly of interest because they've been accused of plagiarizing a guitar riff from Spirit- Taurus for use in Stairway to Heaven. Music is often a lot of rehashing and wearing inspirations, and that should be alright! The subtle ...Read more

Anonymous picture

For a documentary that came out in 2009, I enjoyed watching this and learned much about sampling history and politics. It features different perspectives on the sampling debate--business, culture, and artistry. I'm happy they included Hip Hop artists that actually know what they are doing ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Excellent documentary. Assuming that editing isn't responsible, it shows Steve Albini to be quite the music curmudgeon. He isn't the only one whose interview snippet shows distaste for turntable music that seems to be founded on traditional instruments being fundamental to music. Music only ...Read more