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Collateral Damage
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Collateral Damage
Part of the Series: Unnatural Causes

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Comments (45)

Anonymous picture

I did not know the Marshall Islands were part of America and represented a high poverty and mortality rate like third-world countries and treated like second-rate citizens. The slums on this Island lead to infectious diseases premature death because they live on a landfill. The Island needs ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This is my first time learning about the Marshall islands, and it seems to follow the trend of Americans and other nations using a nation for its resources or experimentation, but then not offering enough or any compensation for the lives they've impacted. This is very frustrating, and I ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I am very disappointed in the United States and how we handled the situation in the Marshall Islands. They didn't have to suffer the way that they did and it sickens me that they suffered because of the United States. I feel bad for them that they live in such close quarters and almost all ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This video really made me more disappointed than anything else, specifically disappointed in how we handled the situation. The people in these communities are just that-people! These communities are suffering major consequences to this day from our choices! So sad.

Anonymous picture

After watching this I am very disappointed with the way we handled things in the Marshall Islands. After we made a mistake and infecting people we chose just to use them as tests for scientific discovery instead of helping them to the best of our ability.

Anonymous picture

It is amazing to think of the impact of decisions made years ago are still impacting people today. The poverty and desperation for jobs lead people to their ultimate demise and poor health.

Anonymous picture

This video was also hard for me to watch as it was really sad to see what these communities were going through. I also completely agree that since we made them move, that we should help them so that they do not have suffer like this. These horrible conditions and poverty lead to an increase ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The level of poverty is some of these places saddens me. Poverty leads to an increase in disease and it would be tough for these people to prevent TB. Our country I feel should help these people out a little bit and try to provide vaccines to try and prevent TB in lots of people.

Anonymous picture

I did not know about these islands until watching this video. I feel like the United States should be more willing to help these people since our military were the ones who made them leave their homes and island. They more than likely would not have had as many health issues if we did not add ...Read more

Anonymous picture

All policies somehow become a health policy. If there are no policies in place for your community you are more likely to have an unhealthy community. This video was hard to watch due to the things that these communities go through. Although they are no longer part of the United States, they ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I was not aware of the Marshall Islands until I watched this video and it really opened my eyes. Our government should be more willing to help these people. We should also be thinking about how our actions have long term affects that we do not think about at the time of making decisions.

Anonymous picture

It's hard to know that your own country contributed to the unhealthiness of the Marshall Islands and Kwajalein and the fall of their culture. We still see an inequality of the indigenous people there and the Americans that inhabit the islands. If we are inhabiting their land, you would think ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This video was very eye opening to me because I was not aware of such disasters in the Marshall Islands. It is extremely devastating that the tuberculosis rate is a shocking 23 times higher than in the United States.

Anonymous picture

What a mess the United States created in the Marshall Islands. I hope that in the future the US can be more cautious about the impacts of using other lands for our benefit. The nuclear testing not only directly impacted the health of the Marshallese, but it uprooted the entire culture.

Anonymous picture

The Marshall Islanders did not stand a chance when put up against the nuclear fall out and then being sent to an area of poverty and no sanitation. It is unfortunate that people are forced to find a way of life with these circumstances.

Anonymous picture

I do not understand why our government refuses to help these people. It is our military taking over their land.

Anonymous picture

If we are benefiting from putting our military base on their island then we should be doing more to help them with their poverty and disease. There is no reason why we can not help those people build cleaner and better homes and help with prevention of diseases. We moved them so we could have ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The juxtaposition of Ebeye and Kwajalein was extremely shocking and saddening. It seems inhumane and unfair for these people to undergo these living conditions for the US to just have a little bit of military practice.

Anonymous picture

We as Americans never go back to think the long term effects and try to look to the future for our nuclear warfare. I think its heartbreaking that a miscalculation lead to the destruction of health of innocent people. And tracked to be a living scientific study for the rest of their lives.

Anonymous picture

I thought that the overall comparison between the U.S. and The Marshall Islands was shocking. The tuberculosis rate is 23 times greater than in the U.S. The fact that the U.S. played a role in this is very disheartening.

Anonymous picture

It is shocking how unequal the Marshalls were treated. The fact that U.S Americans lived three miles in a nice suburb with a golf corse from theMArshalls, who were suffering. The Marshalls could not even live where they worked, they had to take a ferry. This is so sad to me. These people ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I had read a book several years ago titled "A Tidy Universe of Islands" about the Marshall Islands and the US nuclear testing in that area.
Watching this video just makes me furious how marginalized these people have been. It's just absolutely heartbreaking.

Anonymous picture

I have learned about TB in microbiology, however it is always interesting to learn about the rates of TB and how so many people are infected with it, but only a certain number actually get the disease.

Anonymous picture

I had never heard about this issue before watching this video. Overall I found it very interesting and so sad. I cannot believe that the US military caused this because of nuclear testing. The fact the TB is so common now clearly explains their lack of longevity. I really just cannot believe ...Read more

Anonymous picture

As others mentioned, I was surprised at how high the TB rate was in Marshall. I understand that it is so high though because of how crowded houses and the area is. Any infectious disease would spread so much more rapidly in a compact area. Prevention measures must be a top priority to attempt ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Infectious diseases are easily spread because people are in contact with other people daily. Its terrible that this happened from our military. Very disappointing.

Anonymous picture

At the beginning of the video, it mentions how easily infectious diseases can spread. It makes sense because when people are constantly in contact and each home contains many individuals it just opens itself up to spread. I had never heard of these people and it is very upsetting to know it ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This is just a heart breaking and a disappointment that the U.S. military is responsible to what happened to those people. I just cant imagine what hey had to go through and the lifestyle that they have. I don't even think that I have any words that would describe how bad i feel for them. ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This video was very intense for me as I watched it. I cannot begin to imagine how this community feels. To know that their diseases that occurred recently were not their fault is what gets to me. The U.S. military is to blame due to the nuclear testing during World War II; thus caused for an ...Read more

Anonymous picture

It is heart breaking the strong effects that poverty has not only on an individual but on a community as well. These people did not decide not their own to live like this and have a health problems, but if they were to have the appropriate resources then they could improve their health and ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I've watched a few different videos in the past that expose the outcomes of US military presence in small countries. Eventually we cut off all of their resources to build our base and community and leave other communities to fend for themselves. In this episode, the US displaced people from ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This episode was particularly disturbing for me. The Marshall Islanders are living in extreme poverty and with the high rates of tuberculosis, they are suffering from both communicable and non communicable diseases. Although the it is troubling to see the housing, or lack there of that the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I find it extremely shocking that Marshall has a TB rate is 23x that of the US. I agree with Julie Kroeker that the differences between the Ebeye and the US army base on Kwajalein is so vast and polar opposite between economic status and health. I was not aware that Bravo, a 15 megaton ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The Marshalese Island has 23 x the rate of TB then of US. It is also an island who is an a very bad economic state and people are very crowded. This leads to a huge increase in disease suffered by the native population.

Anonymous picture

it is sad that TB is so high. poverty makes it so hard for them to stay healthy. With them living so close to each other, it will definitely make it spread faster since it can spread through the air.

Anonymous picture

I was shocked to learn the overall rate of TB compared to the United States! This video was very eyeopening regarding the rates of infectious diseases in the Marshallese Island.

Anonymous picture

This video really shows that even though many people carry a disease, your socioeconomic status can really effect if you actually acquire the disease. Its crazy how much more likely the Marshallese people are to acquire TB than people in the U.S.

Anonymous picture

Sadly, I have never heard of the Marshall islands and the Marshallese people. Not in any history books, recent media, or even game show trivia has shed light on these people and their place of origin. I am aware of the increase and imperative knowledge pertaining to Tuberculosis, yet highly ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I had never heard anything about the Marshallese people, the nuclear war testing mishap, or about the Ronald Reagan Nuclear War testing center. I think this is another prime example of dislocation just like the video about the Indians. We American's were selfish in our ways and caused ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I didn't know anything about this issue before watching this clip. I am sad that the Marshallese had to experience our issues at their expense but pleased to know that in the end, we have turned the situation around and offered some of these civilians more than the life they had on the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I was shocked to learn that TB is 23x more prevalent in the Marshall Islands. On average the Marshall islands live about 10 years less than the US. The Marshallese have taken a huge toll on their health when the US did nuclear testing on the island. They need a lot of help!

Anonymous picture

TB rates among the Marshallese are 23 times higher than in the States, and life expectancy for the Marshallese is substantially less than Americans?! What a scary thought!

Anonymous picture

The role the US plays in this video shows how politics can widen the gap and make health for one group worse. The US military created an even larger gap between Americans and Marshallese by overpowering the Marshallese, forcing them out of their homes and using their land for nuclear testing. ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The rates of disease in the Marshall is astounding. I could not believe that the TB rate there is 23x that of the United States.

Anonymous picture

This video opened up a new way of thinking about communicable diseases for me. I do wish that it would have gone into greater detail on how to combat those diseases for the Marshall Islanders. I am sure that immigration is not an answer for them all, and is not a perfect answer for any. It is ...Read more