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The Anonymous People
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The Anonymous People

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

Great doc on recovery and attraction not promotion

william avatar

Thankfully, nowadays...August,2018...recovery is being well received and accepted.

Anonymous picture

"Recovery's power couple" - if you don't know what's wrong with that then you don't understand recovery. Film is pretentious. I'm 30 years sober. No stigma. Never comes up in my life.

Anonymous picture

Very well done, a great insight to other programs out there, making recovery a priority, and long term recovery a must for anyone serious about getting clean.

Anonymous picture

As opposed to what Karen? Staying "dirty" supposedly just watched the movie. Yet to comment you use words like "clean". This is just one of the reasons why this film and these wonderful people are such an eye opener.

Anonymous picture

"Clean" is a commonly-used, widely-accepted term to describe living the chemical-free life and is not intended to intimate that those who are active in their addictions are "dirty". As a person who lives with the disease of addiction myself, I submit to you that if I've ingested ...Read more