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The Tragic Story of Amy Winehouse

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Comments (16)

Steve avatar

A rare talent, Amy Winehouse, with such a rich classic voice you wanted more of. Like Marilyn Monroe, she got so famous, so quickly, she didn't own her own life anymore. Drugs and alcohol were a deadly respite from the pressures of fame she surely tried to escape from, death being the ...Read more

Merceda avatar

Glad this showed her real self. She was taken advantage of...

Anonymous picture


When great talent dies,
we search to assign blame, but
the loss still remains.

Janice avatar

So truly sad. She had a unique and exceptional gift.

Anonymous picture

First time I heard her, I thought Wow-this is something special. I thought she belonged in the same league as Billie Holiday, so was glad to hear Tony Bennet say that. I think the lesson that should be learned here is, it's not enough to have a child, you must be a parent to it for the rest ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I saw her perform in 2007. Back then she was little more than a kind of caricature: "she's that woman with the distinctive voice who lives hard". This movie gives her her humanity back and shows the turmoil and misery behind her façade.

Anonymous picture

Wow. Thinking of drugs after the Grammy win and her father bringing that camera crew to her hideaway ... Whew. Brutal. Sad.

Nicole avatar

Such a loss. Such a voice. I wish she had had more people in her life with her best interest at heart.

Anonymous picture

so dark, so upsetting, so well done

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

If you think THIS movie is DARK. Then you haven't seen some of the movies that I have seen. I've been around for a very long time. (Not going to say how long) And this movie is sad, yes. Is it poetic? Yes. I watched it on the same day the Rams. Side by side

Anonymous picture


Anonymous picture


John avatar

This is such an amazing/shocking documentary on not only Amy Winehouses struggles/strifes with fame/fortune,but about addiction itself. It goes to show that money/fame cannot buy you happiness, only what you truly love can, which should be yourself. Don't try to make others happy, because ...Read more

Anonymous picture

the cruel profits of success on parade
what a talent what a loss

Jason avatar

I keep putting off thi sdocumentary for some unknown date because I know its probably going to devastate me...

Jason avatar

Amy Winehouse, I love you. You were one of the greatest of all time and this world was much too cruel to you.