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All Things Must Pass
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All Things Must Pass
The Rise and Fall of Tower Records

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Anonymous picture

I went into this with this sense that it'd be this sordid tale of coke and blowjobs and emerge happily surprised by the humanity and fellowship of it all. I spent a lot of time and money at Tower Records, perhaps too much of both, but it was resources well-spent. A great doc for any music ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Lively and entertaining journey through the 40+ year lifespan of an iconic record store chain, more fun than you'd expect a documentary about a retailer to be. Relies mainly on talking-head interviews with the company's founder (Russ Solomon) and a few of its long-term employees, mixed with ...Read more

Dan avatar

Tower Records didn't make the same impact here in Canada, so I don't have any nostalgia as many do for the store, but I quite enjoyed this film as a music fan. Saying all of that, this film sort of plays out as an accidental metaphor for the baby boom generation - which might be it's most ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Enjoyable documentary about a slice of the music's scene's past -- even when it exaggerates its depiction of Russel Solomon as a lovable and benign visionary. Tower Records was as much -- if not more -- about crass merchandising that it was about the community of music. It's fine to pretend ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A great doc that captures the spirit of both the company and the culture of the late, great record stores. I can't and wouldn't want to imagine my childhood without records or record stores--my place of worship. Feel so very sorry for anyone who grew up without them--they can, and will, never ...Read more

John avatar

great doc. I had great times at tower. The soul and community of music was lost with itunes.

Anonymous picture

Fascinating insight into the rise and fall of Tower Records. Very raw at times that not only brought the people behind the success to life, but also their emotional downfall. An appropriate homage to a music distribution icon.

William A avatar
William A

I miss the record stores, especially Tower. All this new fangled way of buying music is so impersonal. What's missing is the experience that used to come along with the purchase. That can't be had in a download.

Anonymous picture

Tower Records Soho and Tower Classical Lincoln Center was where I hung in 80's New York. I'm 63. I enjoyed this video about the founder and his vision.

Anonymous picture

To understand how important Tower Records was and how much was lost with its demise you probably have to be 35+. For those who knew Tower, this is a fascinating look behind the scenes. The film is kind of a jolly wake for Russ' enterprise and the era.

Anonymous picture

Agreed. I was a display artist back in the early 90s at the Tower in Portland Oregon.