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Accidental Courtesy
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Accidental Courtesy
Musician Daryl Davis Meets and Befriends Members of the Ku Klux Klan

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The Gospel of Jesus Christ will be preached throughout the world. That he died for the sins of many, so many can live. Trust in him for the salvation and rest for your souls.

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Daryl is a thoughtful and talented person who tries to find the humanity in everyone. But, his interaction with the young activists in Baltimore were, I think, a failure on his part to hear their stories. When he called them "ignorant", he lost them, and me to some extent. In any case, ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I find it interesting that the KKK interviewees seemed much more civilized than the Black Lives Matter interviewees. I understand they have a lot of pent up tension but that's also part of the problem. Please keep reading even if you felt offended by my one sentence and allow me to explain if ...Read more

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they're emotional because they've just faced violence from the state

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Get bent.

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What a zany concept: black man seeks out Klansmen and neo-NAZIs; listens to them respectfully. Agrees where he can and disagrees where he must. Still, most interactions are cordial to the end.
What an interesting and powerful message on racial relations. It's the old Martin Luther ...Read more

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Daryl Davis, what a great man! I'm glad I watched this one.

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The sound levels unfortunately make Daryl hard to hear, so subtitles were necessary, that aside, really thoughtful documentary. It's useful to see the level of patience and dedication required to enable the reform of dedicated KKK etc. Seems like many people engaging these issues want to ...Read more